Data and information drive emergency response… and daily business operations. The Washington Common Operating Platform (WA-COP) platform is a decision support tool to help you be more effective and efficient in your daily and emergency operations. 

The WA-COP project is a software platform for public and private maritime and related stakeholders to share information, make better decisions, and improve the safety, security, and daily operations of our ports and neighboring communities.

seattlepierfire1rndThe WA-COP is now operational. If you want to provide a higher level of situational awareness and achieve a better common operating environment to improve safety and security for the people and ports of Puget Sound, please consider participating in the WA-COP project.

The platform is currently free to use and is available for maritime, public safety, private sector, and many other organizations. Please contact the WA-COP team for more information.



For WA-COP videos and training documents CLICK HERE.