Problem Statement
Puget Sound ports, police departments, fire departments, public agencies, private sector companies, and other maritime stakeholders cannot efficiently and effectively share information during daily business operations or emergency incidents. In the course of daily business operations or during an emergency incident that impacts the Puget Sound community, public and private sector stakeholders cannot:

  • Achieve an effective level of situational awareness and share a common operating picture.
  • Easily share critical information and collaborate among port authorities, public safety response agencies, other stakeholders, and the Coast Guard.
  • Efficiently share current situation status, deployment strategies, resource status, and response progression.
  • Quickly gather and share critical information and intelligence from numerous stakeholder agencies.
  • Communicate effectively between public and private sector organizations and between various technology systems.

The Solution
The Washington Common Operating Platform (WA-COP) platform will provide a high level of situational awareness (SA) and other capabilities for effective communication and decision making, rapid staff actions, and appropriate mission execution. The WA-COP will allow stakeholders to collect, share, and display multi-dimensional information that will facilitate collaborative planning and response to daily and emergency events, incidents, and threats.

The purpose of the WA-COP platform is to:

  1. Provide situational awareness to Puget Sound maritime stakeholders.
  2. Enhance maritime domain awareness.
  3. Establish an operational model that is not dependent on grants for long term sustainment.
  4. Help stakeholders make faster and better decisions in daily operations and emergency response.
  5. Improve prevention, protection, response, and recovery from emergency incidents in the Puget Sound Region.
  6. Provide an information framework that shares relevant information with shore-side and sea-side operations.

Guiding Principles
In any emergency, the priorities of response are to save lives, protect property and the environment, stabilize the incident and provide for basic human needs. The following principles establish the framework for WA-COP application services:

  • Establish an engaged partnership between public & private stakeholders.
  • Provide a platform to visualize data, share information, and communicate effectively that is easy to use and provides value for stakeholders.
  • Provide for tiered use and tiered response.
  • Provide operational capabilities that are scalable, flexible, and adaptable.
  • Promote a team approach so stakeholders are ready to act and manage operational tasks together.
  • Provide a platform that will also benefit users in daily non-emergency operations.

The ultimate vision is to implement a shared information environment for first-responders and private entities that have a stake in the maritime transportation system. This environment is intended to be configurable for diverse users in a broad range of situations where shared information contributes to accurate understanding of threats; anomalies that may lead to threats, consequence assessment; response determination; and establishment of effective response and remediation activities.

The WA-COP will display relevant information that is shared by more than one command or stakeholder. The WA-COP provides a shared display of events and incidents on a map with applicable geographically referenced overlays and data enhancements. The WA-COP environment includes collaboration, communications, security and information management, and decision support capabilities.

oilspill1rndWA-COP Users/Stakeholders
WA-COP users and stakeholders include:

Port Management
Port Operations
Port Commercial
Port Fire and Police Departments
Local Fire Departments
Local Police Departments
Local Emergency Operations Centers
Trucking Companies
Railroad Companies
Spill Response Organizations
Marine Shipping
Tug Companies
Puget Sound Pilots
US Coast Guard
Federal Agencies
Washington State Agencies
Northwest Tribal Organizations
Marine Exchange of Puget Sound
Elected Officials
Other Regional Government Agencies

The WA-COP platform is operational. Please see the Contact page for questions or to sign up to use any or all of the WA-COP platform components.