Because no single solution can meet stakeholder needs, the Washington Common Operating Platform is a set of component applications that will help stakeholders improve their ability to collect, analyze, communicate, and consume information. The tabs below provide an overview of the WA-COP platform and of each component.

To make effective and efficient decisions, stakeholders need to achieve Situational Awareness (SA) and share a Common Operating Picture (COP). Data and information need to be managed efficiently to respond effectively to day-today events, emergency incidents, and especially large scale incidents. To achieve Situational Awareness and develop a Common Operating Picture, information must be gathered, analyzed, stored, retrieved, and shared with a multitude of people from multiple organizations. To find the best solution, given time and budget constraints, the WA-COP project team conducted a discovery phase that included:

  1. Review of Existing Documentation
  2. Surveys and Interviews
  3. Requirements Documentation
  4. Solutions Market Review
  5. Options Report & Recommendations
  6. MCOP Solution Package Recommendation
  7. Use Cases & Workflow
  8. Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
This process established the following functional priorities for the MCOP platform: 

The graphic below shows how the WA-COP functional priorities fit in the overall process of decision making (for day-to-day or emergency response).

The grid below shows how each component meets individual WA-COP requirements.



For WA-COP videos and training documents CLICK HERE. 


CBLogosmall2CommandBridge is the core maritime situational awareness and common operating picture application.


  • Provides information sharing, analysis, and dissemination across multiple agencies, organizations, and jurisdictions.
  • Works with existing applications and systems to provide access to internal and external information
  • Is very flexible and can be configured to meet many needs.
  • Is integrated with ViewPointe to present land-based information.
  • Is a web-based solution that allows stakeholders to collaboratively view and interpret information.

Value to WA-COP Stakeholders
CommandBridge is a Maritime focused situational awareness and common operating picture software application that helps users identify, process, and comprehend critical information about an incident.

The Mariner Group has a long history in maritime solutions and is very experienced in maritime applications. 



Company Information
Company Name:  The Mariner Group
Application Name: CommandBridge/Nautilus
HQ City & ST: Columbia, SC
Contact: Stephen Dryden
Phone: 800-341-2755   
Web site:



logo-adashi  Adashi Command and Control is a Situational Awareness, Common Operating Picture, and Incident Management application.

Adashi Command and Control is the most effective and robust incident management software in the world featuring quick-touch resource management, mission-critical tracking, Incident Action Plan development and secure communications. Incident Commanders can make quick tactical decisions with help from situational awareness tools. Easy touchscreen controls assist in rapid emergency management.

Value to WA-COP Stakeholders
Adashi Command and Control provides Situational Awareness, Common Operating Picture, and Incident Management in one application.It is installed in over 500 public safety agencies nationwide.

AdashiCPimageCompany Information
Company Name:  Adashi Systems LLC
Application Name: Command and Control
HQ City & ST: Baltimore, MD
(877) 563-9980
Contact: Sanjay Lalasa
(443) 808-1004
Web site:


Mutualink_logo1Mutual Link is an interoperable communications and media sharing solution. Mutualink creates communication communities that can share voice, text, radio, video, data, files, and telephone communications in a secure environment.

Mutualink’s approach enables all stakeholders in a region to communicate and participate in day-to-day and emergency incidents as required.  Mutualink’s interoperable communities can include:

  • All levels of local, state and federal government
  • Fire, police, and EMS
  • Private maritime companies
  • Hospitals
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Schools and universities
  • Airports, ports, and shipping
  • High value community assets

Value to WA-COP Stakeholders
The Mutualink solution will allow all stakeholders (public and private sector) to communicate more effectively no matter what communications device or medium they are using. Mutualink is an easy to use interoperable multimedia communications solution that is designed for "all hazards, all disciplines" day to day use by first responders, public safety agencies and critical local community assets, such as ports, hospitals, municipal agencies, stadiums, utilities, and private companies (large or small).

Mutualink is also in use at the Port of Seattle/Sea-Tac Airport and is also installed in Kitsap County Fire Department and other locations throughout the greater Puget Sound area.

mutualink_tab1Company Information
Company Name:  Mutualink
Application Name: Mutualink IWS and Mutualink Edge
HQ City & ST: Wallingford, CT
Contact: Colin McWay
Phone: (203) 741-5615
Web site:

Sahana_tabSahana Eden software provides a solution to manage organizations, people, projects, inventory and assets in large scale emergencies and disasters.

Eden is a hosted platform with a rich feature set that can be rapidly customized to adapt to existing processes and integrate with existing systems. Eden provides a platform of effective solutions for large scale emergency and disaster management needs prior to or during a crisis. Sahana Eden’s features are designed to help Disaster and Emergency Management practitioners mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover from disasters more effectively and efficiently.  Eden stands for: Emergency Development ENvironment

Sahana Eden contains a number of different modules which can be configured to provide a wide range of functionality.  Its main capabilities are:

  • Organization Registry – Creates database of organizations to help facilitate coordination; allows organizations to record their Offices, Warehouse and Field Sites including their locations so they can be mapped as well as links to other modules such as Human Resources, Assets and Inventory.
  • Project Tracking – By telling you Who’s Doing What, Where, and When, Sahana Eden provides a valuable tool to help organizations responding to disasters know where the greatest needs are and coordinate with others who are engaged in similar work.
  • Human Resources – Manages the people involved. It tracks where they are, what skills they have and help ensure that everyone is effectively engaged with the work that needs to be done; includes both staff and volunteer management capabilities.
  • Inventory – Record and automates transactions for sending and receiving shipments; supports multiple Catalogs of Items as well as providing alternative items to ensure more effective use of supplies. Allows organizations to manage requests, donations and warehouses.
  • Assets – Manages assets such as vehicles, communications equipment and generators; tracks where they are, who they have been assigned to, and what condition they are in. This ensures that assets are used effectively and efficiently.
  • Assessments – Collects and analyzes information from assessments to help organizations more effectively plan their disaster management activities. Data can either be entered into an interactive web form or imported via an Excel template.
  • Shelter Management – Manages information about the location and status of temporary shelters, including resources required, staff and volunteers assigned to the shelter, and provides a check-in/check-out system for shelterees and their families allowing persons to be tracked and shelter populations to be monitored.
  • Scenarios & Events – Plan for different scenarios, including recording what human resources, assets, facilities and tasks will be needed to effectively respond.
  • Mapping – Sahana Eden has fully integrated mapping functionality which allows any location-based data to be visualized on a map. Maps provide situational awareness which is essential when either planning to prepare for or respond to a disaster.
  • Messaging – Provides support for messages to be sent by Email, SMS, Twitter and Google Talk. Distribution Groups can be set up to allow messages to be easily sent to many people at once.  Interactive messages allow people to send short message queries to Sahana Eden and receive automatic responses.

Eden software was first deployed for disaster responses purposes following the 2010 Haiti earthquake for public use and also to support a the food distribution programs of the UN World Food Programme. Since the Haiti earthquake, Eden has been used for the following disasters by individuals, organizations and governments:

  • Wildfires in Chile – 2012
  • Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan – 2011
  • Flooding in Colombia – 2011
  • Flooding in Venezuela – 2010
  • Flooding in Pakistan – 2010
  • Hurricane in Veracruz, Mexico – 2010

Eden has also been adopted by such organizations as the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) for its Disaster Risk Reduction Projects Portal, the IFRC Asia Pacific Disaster Management Unit, Sahana Taiwan (Academia Sinica) and supports Healthscapes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Sahana Eden’s features are designed to help Disaster and Emergency Management practitioners to better mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters more effectively and efficiently. Sahana Eden can provide valuable solutions for practitioners in Emergency Management, Humanitarian Relief and Social Development domains.

Value to WA-COP Stakeholders
The Sahana Foundation’s Eden platform is designed to help stakeholders manage large scale events, emergencies, and disasters. 

sahana_tab2Company Information
Company Name: Sahana Foundation
Application Name: Eden
HQ City & ST: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: Mark Prutsalis
Phone: (860) 499-0332
Web site:





AtHoc_logo1AtHoc’s IWS Alerts is an emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS) and Crisis Communication application.

AtHoc’s network-centric mass notification solution allows private and public organizations to alert and communicate with anyone they need to in any location during emergencies or daily operations.

AtHoc IWS Alerts provides:

  • Personnel protection: Launch mass alerts across diverse communication channels and devices to reach thousands, assess the level of the emergency, and speed crisis response directly to the event.
  • Personnel recall: Issue “report for duty” communications to off-facility personnel.
  • Personnel accountability: View personnel status via real-time response tracking capability.
  • Critical communications: Drive timely, life-saving information to the right people and obtain immediate feedback.

Value to WA-COP Stakeholders
The AtHoc solution can help stakeholders achieve situational awareness and communicate more effectively during day-to-day operations and in emergency situations.

athoc_tabCompany Information
Company Name: AtHoc
Application Name: IWSAlerts
HQ City & ST: San Mateo, CA
Contact: Patty Chilson
Phone: (443) 995-2055
Web site:

Wrike_logo2To achieve your goals in both Incident and Project Management you have to plan, organize, and control resources. Wrike is an online task and project management platform to help stakeholders manage day-to-day and emergency tasks, projects, or incidents.

Wrike is a flexible and adaptable platform that helps teams collaborate and get things done. Users can schedule, prioritize, discuss and track progress in real time. Wrike includes an interactive dashboard, micro-blogging, real-time activity streams and instant email notifications about changes will help you stay on top of your tasks.

Wrike also includes the ability to:

  • Track projects and tasks
  • Plan projects
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Communicate with groups
  • Invite others to view information
  • Track time spent on tasks or projects
  • Manage workloads

Wrike also includes Gantt chart views, integration with Outlook, file and document management, and mobile applications. 

Value to WA-COP Stakeholders
Wrike will help stakeholders manage day-to-day and emergency tasks and projects. Wrike tasks and projects will be integrated onto the CommandBridge and ViewPointe maps.

wrike_tabCompany Information
Company Name:  Wrike
Application Name: Wrike
HQ City & ST: Mountain View, CA
Contact: Brad Sanzenbacher
Phone: (650) 318-3551
Web site: